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Drummerworld friends,

I'm excited to announce that I am completing my new interactive DVD with PDF ebook, "Learn to Read Rhythms", that I feel will help drummers at every level become better readers. This is the first step by step reading method ever available on DVD, providing students with a VISUAL and AURAL learning experience. It is designed to help you memorize rhythmic figures so that you can play them correctly every time you see them.

It is presented in a Master Class format. Using a large plasma screen, "PowerPoint" presentation, the rhythms are shown in graphic detail, and I explain exactly what each rhythm looks like, and what it sounds like. The students in the master class perform them as I point them out, so you can hear how they sound as you play along.

There are over 75 examples, all of which can be printed out using the PDF ebook! As a matter of fact, Drummerworld resident transcriber Terry Branam is handling the engraving.

This DVD is not just for drummers who want to finally learn how to read. It's for everyone who needs to become a better reader, as the examples get pretty difficult. From 1/4's, 1/8's, & 1/16 Rhythms, to Dotted Rhythms, Syncopation (straight & swung interpretation), Triplets, and more, it's all explained in detail. Time signatures are also explained, with some odd time examples as well. If you are a good reader, it's GREAT sight reading practice, and it will provide some new tips for reading.

It's like getting a book, AND a teacher to help you learn it !

We are now accepting PRE ORDERS. The first 100 PRE ORDERS will receive a signed copy of the DVD. Shipping worldwide by December.

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope this will finally help you to Learn to Read Rhythms!

Follow the link below for more details. There will be clips up as they become available



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This sounds like it's going to be another great DVD, Pat; congratulations and good luck. My pre-order is going in right now; hope I'm the first!!


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Hi Pat,

Still playing with H.G&F The play alongs I'm having a ball with, the book warm ups have really helped me loosen up before my gigs. I still need to work on the other parts of the book but right now between working 5 days a week and gigging approx. 4 night a week it's been tough. I wish this stuff was available back in the late 60's and 70's when I had time on my hands. Two marriages and 5 kids later certainly changes things :)

Once the gigging slows a bit in October I will get back to it.

Oh, and I did just ordered your new Learn to Read Rhythms DVD.

Great work, you make it very enjoyable and easy to work with.

Much appreciated,



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Congratulations on the new DVD! Sounds like something that would help out us teachers. Are you planning on posting any preview video/PDF clips from it so we can get a closer look?


Pat Petrillo

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YES, I am hoping teachers use it as a source that combines all rhythm reading in one location, a combination of "New Breed" Rhythms, "Syncopation", and other separate books..
Since it is so interactive, I think schools and colleges will benefit from it as well.

Clips will be posted sometime this Fall, as the editing proceeds. The Pre Orders are coming in, so we are excited about the response only in the past 2 days of the announcement. I hope it becomes a new reading standard!

All the Best, Jeff, and keep in touch!


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this is set to be a great project and a valuable resource. it's definitely on my birthday wish list. good luck with it pat



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Received an email today from The American Music Group, that I had pre-ordered one of the first 100 and will be receiving an autographed DVD from Pat. It's due in Dec. of 2008
so I will consider it a Christmas gift to myself. Can't wait Pat.


I got the same email last week; also said they would keep us informed of any updates as to the progress of the DVD....here's hoping it comes sooner than that......but December's not bad. I like being a part of the first 100 and autographed; hopefully a collector's item some day????

Hey Pat, here's an idea..when you sign the first 100, number them, 1...2...3...etc. Might be a bit of trouble for you, but would be something special to us. Whattaya say??

Pat Petrillo

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I know your order is one of the first, and they have been streaming in, so,I encourage you all to jump on while you can!

Updates to follow soon! ;)

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Cool! They are starting to get close to the first 100..So, you got in..

Thanks for your interest, and anyone else who pre orders as well!

It will be a package that will be very interactive, and will help be a better reader..

All the Best

pat i ordered one today,how do you know if i'm in the first 100?

*EDIT* nevermind i just got a email confiriming i was in the first 100. kewl !
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Pat Petrillo

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Re: Learn to Raed Rhythms DVD with Pat Petrillo


COOL! Glad you got in there...It will HOPEFULLY will be out around XMas time...we are trying..!