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What did it feel like Duncan? Seems like a drumming equivalent to horse riding - or those terrifying Buttkicker things.


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What a weekend! Various stories of amusement will be posted at some point I'm sure! Involving doors, live feeds and dancing.
If that was at the Guru stand that was pretty good dancing to be fair.

Again, a lot of fun and great seeing you all and my ears are again ringing as I type this. Arrrgghh!


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I was expecting something more Christmasy like "12 drummers drumming". But I like this even better. Well the players may have called them paradiddles but I'm pretty sure Duncan called them "buzz rolls". Well we are only seeing the big picture-being a cell biologist I'm privy to the real party going on inside Duncan.
Hey what can I say "he's got rhythm".

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I'm surprised that practice pad didn't know...elevating and stuff.
We couldn't possibly show the whole video here...

Start writing! ;)
Ben and I started the foreplay of the practice session (there's pictures to prove it I believe), but when it came to hardcore practice bit , it needed 2 metal drummers, I have a far too much delicate touch, I'm more funky and jazzy, the ending of this practice session is censored! :)
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