Larry does it again!


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The man just gifted me a 9x13 ,3-ply, Ludwig tom for a project I am slowly working on.

Coolest guy on the internet.

It will be paid forward.


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Yea, almost too nice. Kinda makes me wonder if he's not really a serial killer, or maybe keeps his toms at too steep an angle, or something else truly horrible. I read somewhere that Ted Bundy used to give away free drums to folks in need. Anything you need to tell us about Lar?

jk of course, good stuff, warms the cockles of ones heart


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Mmm hmm, abusive relationship with guitar player....thats how it always starts. I mean, how could anyone have even the slightest problem with a guitar player, they're pretty much saints.


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Emotional guitar player abuse is just as bad as physical guitar player abuse.

The scars are on Larry's inside.


"Uncle Larry"
Wonder no more: Larry IS, in fact, a serial killer!
I know, and you're a serial escaper. I had you in my sights last month. You wouldn't have even known it. But wouldn't you know it...there was ANOTHER earthquake that foiled my plans. CURSES!

Do you have control over the governments HAARP technology or something?

You're too lucky for one man.


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Nope - you folks spelled it wrong. It's CEREAL killer. Probably murder on eggs and bacon too. You just can't trust a guy who gets up before breakfast.

I'm expecting a broken drumstick on my doorstep any day now. And of course, there won't be a return address.

No, UL, my family and I don't worry about HAARP. We live below the 45th parallel. Plus, Mrs Smoke thinks the grandkids and I look rakish with our tin-foil hats! It's all good.