Kumu Drums


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I've been looking at getting a Birch drumset for a while now. I was going to get a Recording Custom since my hero Carter Beauford plays one and I love the sound, but I think I may actually go with Kumu, since they are custom and will still give me the Birch sound I'm looking for.

The first issue that's come up with me, is I don't know whether to get Kumu Original shell thickness, which is basically 4 ply with a 2 ply reinforcement ring, or to go with the Kumu 66, which is a 6 ply drum and no ring. The Recording Customs are 6 ply drums, so I could essentially recreate them as a Kumu brand, but I'm curious as to the "house sound" on the Kumu Original spec.

I guess I'm a little nervous about getting such a thin shell, 6 ply is about the thinnest I have ever played in real life.

I've seen Wavelength's drums on Youtube, anyone have any idea which shells he chose?


I've played those four ply shells a couple times, twice with wood hoops and once with steel. Lovely drums. I would only go for the thicker shells if you play really loud.


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You are just talking about the number of plies, but you sholud also consider the thickness og the shell. For example 6ply keller shells are aboy 3mm and six ply yahama shells are around 6mm. IMO is more important the total thickness than the number of plies