Kit advice needed.


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Hi Guys
Im a new member just seeking some advice.

So ive been playing about 9years and I currently play a yamaha stage custom, but I am looking to upgrade it, I am in a band that play primarily rock but looking to also play some jazz, plus I am moving in to a student house with friends so don't want a extraordinary loud kit. I have a budget of about £1000 ($1464.55) off the research I have done I concluded that a Gretsch Renown may be my best option? But I have no idea what other kits may rival the Gretsch.

- I am preferably looking for a 5 piece kit, though 4 piece would not bother me that much, with a bass drum no bigger than 20inch (though I am sure dimensions aren't a major problem).

- Plus quite lenient on the budget.

Any ideas?



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hi there man!
if i were in the same situation i would go for a gretsch kit (the best one you can get for your budget).
try also looking on to tama starclassic if you find any around that budget
hope that helps!