Killer Mike Johnston Clinic


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Mike Johnston not only is an amazing drummer but also is really down to earth and makes you feel as an equal. I found a video of him just shredding on drums doing a clinic at Sam Ash. He also explains time signatures so well that I wish I would of herd him explain it to me from the start of when I started to play drums. The link is below please tell me what you think.


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Just checked it out. Thanks for sharing! He seems like a real dude and of course he can play!


I was in on his online lessons from the start and they were phenomenal, at least for me the intermediate player. I was sort of coasting but his passion is infectious and really propelled me forward to study and practice like I never had before. Can't say enough nice things about the man.

Anthony Amodeo

Mike is a great teacher and player

very cool guy as well ....I took some online lessons with him a few years ago just to see what it would be like and he still calls about 3 or 4 times a year to see how I am doing.

truly a good cat