Kicked out of a band due to....


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I was once kicked out of a band because all the hot groupies only went after me. Mostly because I wasn't a jerk.


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A band is a closed social organism unto itself. Some are composed of people who want to work together and others are composed of people who expect someone else to make them sound great. And still others are mixes. Band chemistry is what it is. There is nothing democratic or even socialist about it. People cut others out of bands for all kinds of reasons. And usually not for the reasons given. It could be that an old friend or former bandmate is suddenly available. It could be that they have a different feel for the music and it doesn't lock they way they hoped. It could be as bad as racial or simple as look or vibe. I have a friend who auditioned for a tour with one of those singing contest winners. They got on great, musically and personally. But the producers felt he didn't have the right look. Couple years later he hooked up with a different TV contest winner and it worked.

And then, there's always "artistic differences".


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I don't blame the Christians, I blame the over evangelical side of it. I'm all for Christians and enjoy being around them. It's the soul hunters that bother me. That goes for Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, etc. It's a very small fringe that ruins it for the rest of them. But at least it's not like the IRS coming to repo something. I can handle a few soul hunters and carry about my day peacefully without throwing the whole religion under the bus.

Having said that though.....
A Christian with an ego plus an atheist with an ego is just flat out doomed.
yes. i think christians who agressively try to evangelise are often doing more harm than good. i'm of the type that will let it be known that i'm a christian, behave myself with a certain dignity and coolness (over a long term) and then talk to you about jesus only if you ask. i took the scripture to heart: 'he who sows will not surely reap'. i feel a lot of evangelical christians want to see conversion caused by their actions - some sort of score card. 'soul hunters; i've never heard that phrase before but it fits.
i'm with bobby mcferrin on this one:
don't worry be happy.
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Swiss Matthias

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Wow, I love this thread! Must be the best religion discussion balancing act I've seen, and
no mod near!
I'm impressed by how all of us deal with the topic so tolerantly, although everybody comes
from an angle and probably is convinced of his views.

To the OP: I think the only way to find out is talk to one of the band members really, and
hope for honesty. Otherwise you'll never know. As it is the case with most problems with
bands or band members that lead to a thread on DW :).

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I'm not sure how religious Norway is. It's about 50/50 depending what one means by it. Being religious or not is not so clear cut here. It's more that we're a small country made up of mostly small towns and you don't have to do certain things much more differently to be considered a bit nuts. Then not accepting you becomes a way to get approval for oneself.

You'll find everything here, but the high level session/freelance musician community is dominated by religious people taking care of their own.

It's not really a religious thing. It's a cultural thing very well described in Danish-Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose's1933 novel "A fugitive crosses his tracks." We refer to it as the Law of Jante.

Anyone who's worked a bit on them selves and looked around the world a little bit can only laugh at it. You sort of don't notice it much when you grow up, but if you go away for a while and come back it's a bit more obvious.


that no time at all did I "preach, mention, or hint" at religion. I was there to play rock and roll and blues, not to discuss religion or politics, etc.

Kinda odd, huh?
I make sure everyone I meet knows that about me. I think one of the best things in life you can do is figure out where someone is coming from and love them from that angle. I couldn't care less what people think, I refuse to be ashamed of who I am because of what someone else thinks. Actually I've lost as soon as I'm all up in their head second guessing how they'll take me. Who cares?

We can mask it behind 'religion' but that is utter tosh. The definition of that word does not at all actually relate to beliving in a God, or God's, or force, it is simply another word for worldview (Yes, the dictionary says 'especially but not exclusively', the root of the word actually means 'to bind') and people impose their worldview every day through everything they do... Some just want to have their cake and eat it too. I'm allowed to talk about anything I want but don't you dare say the J or the G word! I'll get condescending and all intolerantly up in your grill about how intolerant this is I SWEAR! That's just some peoples culture. Your job is to love them regardless.

Just because people don't like something doesn't make it any less right... It's better to be honest. If in case it is the case, or maybe they just didn't like your shoes? :D Either way, who cares? Last I read what you believe doesn't leave room for worry ;)

My answer basically is this. Be straight up. You avoid lots of problems and open lots of doors.

Being straight up isn't preaching, it's not even close to it, it's called being honest, and tip toeing through the tulips has never been the answer to any question in all of history.

Oh wait.

"Hello Dutch John, what have you been doing on this lovely Spring day?
"Why I've been wearing in my new crocs clogs by tip toeing through the tulips."

Tulips are Spring right?

I would LOVE to talk all about those evangels that get all up in peoples face and try and manipulate you into a decision by making you feel bad, and how to get rid of them and turn them upside down quick smart, but then I WOULD be preaching. All I'll say to them is that they benefit the world about as much as a swift kick in the d***.

None of this is meant to offend, it's my opinion on the matter stated. Love you all :D


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It probably isn't about religion but about them fearing you wont show in the future if you happen to have two gigs. However, i would talk to them to clear things up even if you already decided to move on it is better for yourself to clear it up so it doesn't eat on you.
Psalm 150:5!
Lovely, thank you for that beastdrummagirl!

Midnite Zephyr

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I auditioned for a church band about a year ago. Half the audition was talking about my conviction in God. I never got called back because I wasn't Christian enough. So, really it goes both ways. It was the strangest audition I've ever went to. It's just as well, they're only human.


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I make sure everyone I meet knows that about me. I think one of the best things in life you can do is figure out where someone is coming from and love them from that angle.
Couldn't agree with you more, if you know where they are coming from you have a better guess of where they are going so you won't be fooled so quick.