Keeping Uncle Larry in our thoughts..


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As most of you have seen, LarryAce's (aka Uncle Larry) stepson and step daughter were in an accident on Christmas morning. His stepdaughter will recover, his stepson's chances are still very slim but he was improving slightly a couple of days ago.

I haven't seen anything from Larry in the last day or so which has me worried. Please keep him and his family in your prayers, thoughts, positive vibes or whatever it is that you choose when sending someone well wishes. They need all of our support. I just wanted to put this up so we all remember to keep him in our hearts.

Hope things are still improving Larry, we haven't forgotten! Big hugs and all the positive energy and vibes I can send your way from me to you.


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Count me in on the positive vibes being delivered too. I did send Larry a PM yesterday, but not something that warranted a reply. I can only assume he's engrossed in supporting his family at this terribly challenging time.

Rooting for you Lar'.

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positive vibes always heading their way

hoping everything is moving in a good direction

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Larry and his family are still in my thoughts on a daily basis, I keep praying for Michael's recovery and to give strength to Larry and his beloved family.

Uncle Larry's last appearance on the Forum is yesterday at 12:12 am, that's just over 24 hours ago, hoping that everything is fine, considering what they're going through.

Thank you Mary, what a thoughtful gesture.


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Actually his situation came to my mind a few times throughout the day. Positive vibes sent from me as well.................


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The Mayor is spending time with his family, but yours continues to be in my thoughts. Peace