K Zildjian Istanbul old stamp 1 - value?


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I don't know if anyone is able to help.

I have a K Zildjian 15" old stamp 1 Istanbul cymbal in very good condition which has been in my family for years. It has got holes for sizzle rivets and weighs 640g. In the back of the bell there is a hand written signature.

I wonder if anyone may be able to give me an idea of it's value?

Many thanks


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I have a 20" (with 8 rivets) K. Zildjian - made in Istanbul, from 1966 or 1967, with the signature on the bottom side of the bell. The last time I saw a 20" like this on eBay, it sold for a little over $1,400.00.


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I have an 18" medium crash, mid to late 60's stamp, signature under the bell. Last one I saw for sale was listed between $800-900. I would love to know how they determine the value of these old K's.


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Thanks for that. Do you know of any dealers?
You can find vintage drum and cymbal dealers by doing an online search. Always do enough research to find the most reputable.

maxwelldrums.com sells vintage Zildjian cymbals. It might be possible to find a comparable cymbal to yours on this site. If not, keep looking, because their inventory constantly changes

eBay is a long shot with finding a vintage cymbal close to what you have. I would still look at the site - it may surprise you. Look at the prices on sold items. An item may not sell at the price the seller has posted.