K Con Medium-Thin Low Demo


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I guess this thread covers both the Playing and Gear topics, but I'll just post it here. A few months ago I traded a bass drum for a couple Zildjians, with this being one of them, and though it's a nice cymbal, it doesn't really mesh with the rest of my cymbals, and I made a video demo as part of selling it.

So here's the cymbal demo!

The Caribbean Blue Gretsch kit I got for a steal makes an appearance in this video, as does the slightly-screwy 6.5x14 DW Craviotto that needs the re-rings reglued in two spots. The Gretsch toms got new tom mounts, and they're now some of the best sounding toms I've ever heard.

Drifter in the Dark

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Wow! That's a great-sounding cymbal! I almost bought a 22" K-Con Medium a few years ago, but found another ride I liked better. The rest of the kit sounds fantastic as well, especially that solid-shell snare! I can definitely hear the difference in sound between the Craviotto and a conventional multi-ply drum.