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This thread isn't really anything special, I just want to hear from you all. If you had just one drummer to listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be? You wouldn't be able to listen to anyone else but who you choose. Pick just one drummer.


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That's a tough one. I think it would get boring listening to the same stuff over and over. I would have to go with Eric Singer. I love his playing.
A tough one! it sounds like an eternal marriage, until death do us apart. ;-)
...I will come back later on and tell you about that specific - one drummer.

keep it simple

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An impossibly difficult request. If it had to be one drummer, it would be Simon Phillips. If it was one musician, it would be Alison Moyet.


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I would have to choose Danny Carey. He's a drummer I never get tired of hearing. And if the heavier stuff like Tool gets tiring, I can always pop in some Volto!


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This is a tough one, can't I pick 5? ;)

Based on his large body of work (not to mention the fact that he's an absolute beast), I would have to say Vinnie Colaiuta.
In nowadays that one drummer would be - John Tempesta.

Other such as Ian Paice, Joe Morello, John Bonham, Carmine Appice, Roger Taylor, Bill Ward, Cozy Powell...I keep them under my sleeve as an ace card!


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An answer for the impossible question:

Peter Erskine

Kind of like... if you only got to eat one meal the rest of your life. :)


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I have to say Steve Smith because he has played AOR (Journey), Fusion (GHS, Vital Information, Jean Luc Ponty), instrumental rock (Neil Zaza, Tony MacAlpine), and jazz. I do not want to, but I could exist listening to what he has already done. Peace and goodwill.