Just completed Rush's "Beyond the lighted stage"...


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I am not a professional writer so words will fail me at some point, but I have just spent about the last 2+ hours viewing Rush's new documentary, "Beyond the lighted stage". Worth every minute too. It began with Geddy lee describing his childhood and quickly turned to his first meeting with Alex and their musical interest they shared. Exceptional archival videos took me step by step to their earliest gigs, why their first drummer was let go--it wasn't his abilities!--and finding "the new guy". It was told by the members themselves which added credibility and allowed them some room to laugh at themselves in the process. It then wound through the highs and lows of their musical career and got down to the serious side of the business quickly. Neal admits the album "Moving Pictures" changed their musical course forever. It now defined them. Also included were the highs and lows of their personal lives. Geddy's parents were Holocaust survivors, Alex's parents hoped for better things for their son than music, and of course Neal's unfortunate deaths of both his wife and daughter. Overall, just a fantastic look behind the scenes of arguably one of the greatest bands ever. As much as I liked Rush from the Permanent Waves album forward, I have a new level of respect for these guys. They were for a moment, taken off the stage and we were able to view them as human beings. Tremendous showing. Despite what you may personally think of the band, you owe it to yourself to give this DVD a chance. You'll come away with a whole new perspective of the band we know as Rush.


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Thanks for the review. I'm really looking forward to seeing this!

My first album was CHRONICALS and that's all it took for me to fall in love with their music. I've stopped listening to them for several years but always get pumped when I hear them. The fact that they are still so popular and on the cutting edge still blows my mind. It's timeless music that will never be duplicated.


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I loved it as well! Even if you're not into Rush, it's a fascinating look behind the scenes of a serious rock band. Plus it's hilarious!


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Oh...sorry about the double thread. I searched but didn't see anything labeled about the doc. Will be more careful in the future...