josh freese playing for paramore


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Im not really sure what happened to the Paramore, as in, why Josh and Zac Farro left the band, but I just saw a youtube video talking about how the mighty Josh Freese is going to step in for their South American tour.

Im kinda stoked to see them play cause I love Josh Freese. What up DW?


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He's not playing for them anymore. I saw them at their last concert of that tour, they said they were pretty sad to see Josh go.

He absolutely killed it, phenomenal drumming and showmanship, it was a great concert.


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I can't keep up.

I know they were looking for another drummer. So, someone else already joined and already left?

I'm available.


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No, Josh Freese didn't join Paramore, the band lost their drummer and had an upcoming tour, Josh Freese stepped up and played with them for the tour, after he finished the tour, he left.

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Who was the drummer that recorded with them in all of their cds I believe? He was amazing, and to me, pretty challenging to play to. I didn't even know that Josh Freese played with them at all. I went to one of their concerts in July or when ever they toured with Tegan and Sara and it was their original drummer. He was amazing live.


Josh and Zac left because they weren't happy anymore. It turns out ever since their formation Haley was the only one ever signed. In fact they were "brought up" appearing as a small band on an indie label that grew to stardom, but it turns out it was all put together from the start by Atlantic Records..making Paramore was "a manufactured product" (that term coming from Josh himself).