Jojo Meyer masterclass and gig

Highway Child

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Last Friday I went to see Jojo Meyer and Nerve, including a "masterclass" session before the gig.

It was my first time seeing Jojo and his playing was phenomenal. I came away really liking the music too - although I didn't expect to. He and the band were very gracious and gave time after the event to talk and sign CDs, have pics taken etc.

OK so why am I posting about this?

What struck me very hard was just how small the crowd was. Mostly local drummers. I guess 30 for the masterclass + another 40 or so came in for the gig. That's such a shame. Jojo and his band are playing cutting edge stuff at the highest level of musicianship and it's disappointing to see such lack of interest.

I'm not going to use this space for another rant about mainstream vs art etc etc.

However at Friday's gig the band gave their all, for near enough 2hrs non-stop, totally committed despite the small crowd. And I'd like to say many many thanks to Jojo, John, Jacob and Aaron for a memorable night. If you have the chance, go see 'em. You'll be blown away.


Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Apart from a short while in the late 60's when people were either high or subdued enough to not care what they listened to, this is how it's always been.

Obviously Mr. Krupa was popular playing an actual instrument, but back then that was the new shit and he was a rock star.

Nerve is an exception because in the right area it's modern dance music.