John Riley's "Solo 3"


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I've started learning Solo 3 off 'The Master Drummer' and was thinking it might be suitable as a university audition piece (played slower, maybe minim = 210 or so). Do you think it would be suitable?

If Terry B is reading this, awesome job on the transcription, thanks so much.

If John Riley is reading this, I'd like to ask a bit about the solo. Was it totally improvised or did you have some ideas going in (like the floor tom roll as a recurring idea)? Any tips on how to tackle the solo?


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What universities were you thinking of auditioning for? If it's a conservetoire or a jazz course, then I wouldn't recommend playing a solo piece. The audition panel want to hear you with a band.


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I agree with Lloyd, i dont really know where youre auditioning, but a transcription that you play as a solo isnt gonna give very much to the panel.


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Ok, makes sense. I'll learn it just for the challenge then (will take quite a while :p)