Joe Porcaro


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In my continued quest to buy at least one pair of the Vic Firth Joe Porcaro 8an nylon tip Diamond Tip sticks.......

Any information about how I might contact Mr. Porcaro to see is he has any or knows where they might be available?

I tried his website... it's in Japanese. I left a message on his fb page a while back but no response.


Anthony Amodeo

try contacting Los Angeles Music Academy

and Vic Firth


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They are in the "Discontinued" (but still available) section on the Vic Firth site.
You should normally be able to order them from one of the sellers listed on the page
Well... this led to some success... Forks had them in maple, not hickory. I hope the maple ones sound as good on the cymbals as the hickory because I bought the whole brick of them.

I had tried the Firth links before today. Nobody had any and the Forks link wouldn't work. Today I played around with the google screen that came up telling me that the link that Firth had didn't work and I was able to get to Forks. Then I called Forks. The guy said that someone had been in earlier to day looking for the wood tip model of the Porcaro stick and they didn't have any of them.

Maybe Firth is missing out on a lot of sales? I suppose they have to sell X number of them to make the tooling up to build them a cost effective venture.

Thanks for the help guys! All yall!!