Jim Blackley's Books


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Hi Guys,

I'm very interested in buying Jim Blackley's books.

However, they are so expensive and shipping charges to where I live are crazy high as well.

Furthermore, he doesn't provide any sample pages or overview on his books.

I was wondering if anyone could provide some sample pages + some picture of the content page if you have any of his books so I could make a more informed decision before purchase.

Thank you!


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Buy it dude. "The essence of..." overall.
"Syncopated Rolls..." is about fills between accents, like all the variations of Reed's book. I have it and I love it, but "The essence..." is a must have.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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They are expensive and in terms of information compared to other books, they're still expensive.

"The Essence of Jazz Drumming" is what you want. Just good usable stuff. The rest is just as well covered elsewhere.