Jenkins-Martin/INDe Collaboration

Red Menace

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Jiminy!! That's a beautiful kit. I bet they just sound "Yuuuge". I like the look of your hardware, it adds a nice accent to the shell but doesn't overtake the shell. It really works on an interesting shell like this one. Love it.


Very cool. I have yet to see a JM kit in person, but the general consensus is that they are the bees knees.


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That looks great. The natural hoops are a perfect compliment to the greenish shells and great looking INDe hardware.


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Me like! The INDe lugs, the wood hoops and those shells go well together (but the BD head was a little bit too much for my taste, I'd more understated logos for that kit).

Push pull stroke

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Why not just do the whole kit in wood hoops? Rim shots on the toms would sound gorgeous. Plus it would be probably the only Jenkins-Martin with wood hoops anywhere.