Jenkins-Martin/Blaemire drums in action

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Really really good stuff! I applaud you for offering the recording without EQ. Allows the drums to shine through, instead of the usual default "impressive" employed by most companies (even if they claim otherwise).

Ok, off my soap box :) First up, the bass drum is the star for me. Satisfying controlled resonance with plenty of depth & character - lovely!

I thought the medium tuning with coated heads suited the toms best. More fundamental coming to the fore, & the shells seem in their happy space. The reduced head sustain helps focus on the tone too = very pleasing.

The only negative I could hear was the tom's performance at med - high tuning, especially the 12" tom. Maybe a tuning thing on the 12", but both toms lacked the depth of fundamental present with the same heads at lower tuning.

Overall, this is how drum demo's should be done, & I love your playing too. I especially like the hihat to snare lick at the start of the recording (just might steal that ;)


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Fantastic tones and playing!!!! Really digging that bass drum tone in this video, but everything sounds fantastic to me.


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Thanks guys.

The bass drum is indeed one the best I´ve ever played. I also dig that Jenkins-Martin is a small operation and the drums are made with lots of TLC and attention to detail. This is definitely the good stuff.


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Big fan of this drum tone. Very resonant. I was impressed that you played the same thing 3 times lol. Nice feel on the drums too