Jazz Kit Recommendations


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Hello all!

I know there have been a few forums regarding this topic, but I thought I would see if I can get some help specific to my situation.

I am a college junior, and play in the jazz band here at school. I have a 7pc Mapex ProM kit that I got my freshman year of high school. I'm looking at selling this kit and purchasing a new one -- jazz sizes (18/20 bass, 10, 12, and 14 toms). I know that many companies offer the 4 piece jazz kits, but I would like to stick with a 5 piece if at all possible.
Being a college student, I'm not looking to spend a ton of money, but I would like to buy a versatile, good quality kit that can support my musical endeavors upon graduating from college.

Any suggestions for me? Thanks in advance!!


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I remember a friend of mine who was studying jazz drumming at Berklee. The budget was tight so he bought an older/vintage set, I think it was an old Slingerland, stripped off the plastic covering and refinished the wood, cleaned up hardware, etc. Basically just put some elbow grease into it and complimented it with modern hardware. He said it was a favorite of the other students. I got the chance to play on it and it truly did have that nice old vintage jazz drum sound...it was one of the coolest jazz kit setups I've ever played on.


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I'd give a +1 to both suggestions, moreso to the vintage kit suggestion, as they are cheap right now AND the bass drum would be shallower. Slingerlands are the cheapest right now, and you can get a 12/13/16/20 for under $600 usually. A comparable ludwig would be $800+...