Jazz:Im getting the technuiqe,but im not sure how to use it well.


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I have been practice jazz stuff for a little while now.Technique-wise im still a bit of a beginner(but im gettin it pretty quick) but when it comes to actually playing I have no freakin clue what to do other than a ride pattern and hihat pedal stuff. I dont really know what sounds good comping-wise. can somebody PLEAASE explain to me whatever i should know?

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Agreed. You must listen to alot of jazz too. Studying music is not only about playing it. In order to know what to say, you must know what's being said. Conversely, if you want to say anything new, then you must know what's already been said. And then different artists say things differently from one another. Max Roach doesn't play anything like Buddy Rich, but both are considered masters of their instruments, you must figure out why that is.

Roy Haynes? Jack DeJohnette? How do they approach jazz and their instruments? Why does Steve Gadd play brushes the way he does? How come he doesn't play it the way John Riley does? You must listen, observe, and learn.

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yaaaaaa. true. Alright. Any suggestions (albums,songs,ect.)? Nothing to complex please.
Not sure you can say "not too complex" - anything new will be a little complex anyway.

But stuff like the Oscar Peterson Trio, or Dave Brubeck, for small band jazz, Buddy Rich's big band, Maynard Ferguson's big band, Woody Herman. Stan Kenton, Max Roach. Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie. Look up any of those artists are there will be tons of music to listen to right there.

Obviously, there are too many to list, but it's all out there. In college, they would just tell you to listen to everything - and some students take that literally - they're listening so much they have no regular life!

Good luck on your quest!


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These are good records to start with:
Miles Davis - Bags' Groove
Thelonious Monk - Monk's Dream
Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus