Jazz, funk and/or odd-time aficionados, I need your brains!


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Hey team. :) I am pleased to make your acquaintance!

So.. to get down to business.. I'm stuck. I need to delve into your drummer knowledge of neat 7/8 tunes. I'm currently trying to plan a jazz drumming recital that requires me to play and solo on tunes of a few different natures, but at the moment, but I'm stuck for the odd-time funk!

I really want to play a funk tune in 7/8, and I want it to be one that has a bunch of challenging hits and allows me to show off somewhat. Something not too easy but definitely groovy. It can have a bit of a fusion feel to it also, but I just need some more ideas! Can you help me out? :)

Also, if you know any interestingly arranged jazz ballads then that would be superb too. Billy Strayhorn's Lush Life has been such a tune before, but this is often done for recitals here (in Adelaide, South Australia, that is!) so I'm looking for something else.

Any help you could give would be phenomenal, thanks guys :)


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Lucky Seven by Dave Weckl definitely comes to mind. Has a nice groove to it along with a bit of funky, fusion-y flavor. Check it out.


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I remember the first time this came up for me and another musician said it's easy, just

one two three four five six sev-en

(sorry, had to post that)