Jaco/Metheny/Moses/Birelli/Kersting- undiscovered music


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Just got a wonderful & unexpected message from Ingrid Pastorius that she had discovered some never-heard-before recorded material of Jaco's:

For those of you that dig Jaco... here's 2 gigs more to enjoy:

1) http://urge2burge.wordpress.com/category/jaco-pastorius/

( With Metheny and Moses at Pooh's Pub in Boston 1974. (Jaco was 22 years old at the time):

2) http://urge2burge.wordpress.com/2008/02/03/jaco-pastorius-trio-diskothek-livestation-dortmund-germany-2231986/826/

Jaco Pastorius Trio : “Diskothek Livestation”, Dortmund, Germany, 22.3.1986 « You Are What You Hear ( This was recorded in '86 with Bireli and Kersting.)
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