IT'S OFFICIAL!!! The 2011 WFD World Finals will be held on...

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Go Tom Grossett. I hope you have enough time in your schedule to get in there and take Mangini's main record once and for all. I have a feeling Mike will be a little busy this year.

Yeah, Riccardo Merlini has been in it before but never taken a championship although he's an amazing competitor and a very good guy. He just always seems to get a case of nerves in the final round. Maybe he's overcome all that. Same thing for my buddy Daniel Rice. Ideally I would love to see either Riccardo or Daniel win the actual title then have Tom just show up to take the Mangini record. That would be nice to see.

Then there are all those bass drum guys who have been posting these high number youtubes the last few years waiting for another championship. It will be interesting to see who shows up again, who doesn't..with such short notice who's still in that kind of extreme condition etc...

Good luck to everyone. And yep I remain retired.


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Bah, I can't break 1200 in 2011 I think. Maybe next year then. Interesting to see who will win though and what kind of technique is used/allowed. ;)


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Is our friend Zac going to compete this year? I saw some discussion about whether his style qualified or not but never heard how that turned out.


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Before I get into spamming up the place with it's all about speed, speed, speed and drumming is only about speed all the time! hehehehehehe just kidding! :) I couldn't help myself, sorry to all my ole buddies over here especially Bernhard, DogBreath, Matt, Jay, Tom, Dan etc......

Sincerely though please let me thank Bernhard for being such an awesome friend to WFD over the years. He was the first guy back in the day that actually came up to me at PASIC and said “hey if you want to post about WFD on DrummerWorld forum we will give you a fair shake for what it is”. Folks back in those days, WFD didn't have many friends outside of our tight knit family. I will always remember Bernhard's offer and he has held to his end of the deal. DW has always been fair and a great home for WFD folks to hang and learn about all the other stuff that goes on in the world of drums and drumming.

I will always cherish the time I have spent with DogBreath and all he does inside and outside of DW is truly admirable.

OK, enough of that mushy stuff! Now let’s get on to all that is really important!, dang I just can't help myself today............:)

BUT seriously we are Xtremely Happy and Xcited about the WFD World Finals 2011 coming up next month @ Summer NAMM, Saturday July 23rd is Public Day which means you don't have to be a NAMM member to get your shot at WFD Title and grand prizes!. This is the first time WFD has been open to the public at NAMM and should bring competitors from around the world.

Well, I have a great deal of reading o catch up on here, Matt awesome post you made and right on from someone that has been there......I want to reply as we go, but wanted to get the thanks to all the ole buddies out of the way......

If you have any questions I'll try my best to answer them here for you, and hope to meet some of you at WFD next month......Can any of you guys make it ? DogBreath.? We could do another DW hang which was awesome!

hehe yea it is safe to say Mike 'da man' Mangini will be busy this summer :) We will miss him fo sure, but DT got the right man for the job!

OK, close to 30 days left so get those 'lawn mowers' tuned up and ready to go!

Again thanks and sorry for being kinda silly! :)