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So I need some headphones so I can play along to music, but not deafen myself at the same time due to the noise of the drums. At the moment I have to put my ear plugs in and put headphones over the top so I can hear the music, has anybody got some suggestions for good isolation headphones for drummers? Thanks

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I'm looking for a new pair as well as my Equation Audio phones broke. They are great, except they don't cover the whole ear and they don't work so well in maller rooms.

I'm thinking about miking my kit and getting some that isolate really well. These get good reviews


Use ear buds for the music, and a set of construction/gardener ear protaction (Lowes/HomeDepot) over them. You get great musical clarity and little to no ambient noise.


In ear headphones would probably be your best best. You will get the same sound quality, most likely more isolation for much cheaper. I can recommend Ultimate Ears 300 as they are very comfortable and offer good isolation, for about £30. You could spend more than this, or less, however I wouldn't spend too much less because you're hearing is very important and the very cheap models sometimes won't give enough isolation to protect your ears.

Hope this helps :)


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I use the Vic Firth headphones. They give the effect of pre-EQing your drum sound acoustically... meaning you don't need to actually have anything playing through them to use them for them to be of use. Great.


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Take a look at the etymotics research. Many here use them, and they are also popular with motorcyclists to cancel out in helmet turbulence so they can hear music (kinda the same application, in a way).

These are "in ear" monitors, which means, they go inside the ear canal like an ear plug. They isolate all ambient noise, and let you hear the music at a comfortable volume. I still can completely hear and feel my drums through them. They are awesome. Check out the MC5 model:


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With the sound quality vs sound you cant go wrong with the Shure in ears as they have several price levels and even the cheap ones do a decent job. Just be sure to get the foam sleeves that you can scrunch up and they swell back up in your ears giving great isolation as well as holding them in place extremely well. Aso when the time comes that you need a personal monitor you can get the shure P4HW wired body pack which has all the features and options you will ever need in in a monitor system and the conveinence of being able to control the mix ans volume right on your side.