Is there a name for this beat?


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Quest Love plays that beat in real life (yes a man can do it) for the Roots. One hand 16ths, doubles/ghosts on the snare and single pedal 16ths on the kick. Tight as hell.

I would put up a link if I were link savvy.

Edit: look on DW under his name and the sound file is there for the real song.

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Daniel, as 8Mile said "drum and bass" would be good keywords for a YT search. Searches for "acid jazz" would work too.

I've only recently been checking out some of the more interesting music with programmed drums (I obviously prefer the real thing). The best programmed drum tracks I've found so far have been from Amon Tobin ...

Apart from Jojo Mayer's band, Nerve, there are some good acid jazz groups out there (albeit more chilled than your links) that have flesh n blood drummers like Cinematic Orchestra and Bonobo ... and if you're in the mood for something edgier, try The Bad Plus.


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Both of those grooves are typical of what you would hear in Drum And Bass music. If someone asked me to play a Drum And Bass beat, that's what I would (try to) play. They are often played on a drum machine, although guys like Jojo Mayer have found ways to play them on acoustic drums as well.


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Hi Everyone,

I am not a drummer, but thought this might be a good place to find an answer to my question. I recently heard two songs that both have an interesting drum beat, but I am trying to figure out the speed, name or anything else that will help me find similar type of songs.

Here are links to the two songs...
Org Lounge - French Horns:

The Roots - You Got Me:

Can you help me out?

Thank you!