Is It Viable To Have a Studio Which Focuses on "JUST" Drum Tracks ?

Geoff J

If so, what type of room construction/Treatment would be necessary ?

Any other considerations ?

I'm thinking this could be viable since most people are tracking at home, and that Awesome drum tracks are what really seals the deal, which are hard to get in a home studio, plus the limitations on gear at most studios.

In other words, instead of spreading the budget all over the place on other gear, focu it on the most important thing - Drum Tracks


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Well if you have all the gear required to get good drum tracks you can pretty much get good anything-else tracks, too...

That being said, to me the most important parts of getting a great drum track are the drummer, the kit, the room, and the PLACEMENT of the microphones.


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What 'other gear'? Is this studio a business? It's hard to understand your question. I have a rehearsal studio where I record my drums and nothing else.


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Depends on where you are located.

Rural Alaska will have little need of a drum focused recording studio...

...possibly more demand in more densly populated areas.

Not sure about it being a main source of its viable to record your own at home with a very limited budget.

keep it simple

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Well, you're smelling the coffee there. Many studios I frequent earn a substantial portion of their income from drum tracking. Many bands are producing their demo's or even commercial cuts in a home studio, then sending out for mastering. That doesn't apply so much to the very top studios, but it does apply to the tier down. Not so much the basic demo studios.

Top tip, forget about recording gear for now, go for the best damn drum room you can find. A cathedral is a good start ;) Research innovative ambient capture solutions & wise up on good old mic placement techniques. The tide is turning away from close mic'ing ultra muffled drums. I think the market will divide into two distinct sections in the future. The ambient specialists, & the trigger/plugin specialists. Be ahead of the curve, oh, I almost forgot, I hope you have very deep pockets ;)

P.S. You'll also need the ultimate studio kit, ahem :)