Is it normal for a hinge to be like this


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I just checked my Tama/Camco,speed king and Iron Cobra and watched a vid of the Ludwig atlas pedal which seem to go on forever.

I understand that the tightness of the hinge has been a problem on some of the perfect balance pedal.Check youtube for some recently posted vids.

Steve B

Anthony Amodeo

does look like it is stopping quite quick

not familiar enough with this pedal to help much though

I have played on it and it is absolutely wonderful


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The video is a little deceptive, in that a pedal just sitting there doesn't react the way it does when attached to the kick. My Taye pedal goes on for a long time when attached, but not so long when it's just sitting there and I'm trying to demonstrate it.

However, the pedal in the vid does seem more choked than it should be.



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Well after checking a few videos, it looks like it is one of the defect ones. Its not extremely stiff but it does stop pretty quick from what Im seeing. Guess I need to start checking the warranty and what not.


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I agree with Bermuda. You can see the post rocking back and forth. That takes away some of the energy of the pedal. Try clamping it to something solid and see if it's still the same.