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Sam Brown

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Hi Everyone.

Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place - I'm still a bit of a newbie here.

I was going to produce a DVD tutor program, but decided to make it into an iPhone App instead! Looks like that was one of my better ideas. It's called 'Drum Secrets'.

Here's a link to it in The App Store: http://tinyurl.com/6ygu8pz

If you want a free lesson and a taster of my teaching style see: http://www.drumsecrets.com

Hope you find it interesting/useful.



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Does it play full screen on the iPad or is it designed for iPhone and will sit very small in the midddle of the iPad with the 2x button in the bottom right corner??

Sam Brown

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I think it is the same video file for both iPad and iPhone. the graphics are larger for the iPad though.
If you get the app and find the quality too low, I'll paypal you your £1.79 back.