Intro to 'Take it Easy'


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I didn't find out that the guitar started on the & of 4 until I had heard the song about a million times. Which has really screwed me up, even now that I know better. If I'm not concentrating on hearing it correctly when the song starts, I still sometimes hear it starting on one. And once that happens, I can't seem to change where the one is in my brain. I have to be hearing it correctly from the beginning.

If I ever play it live, I ask the guitar player to give me a quiet count in. Which makes me feel like a complete loser. I'm as bad as those lead singers who need to hear a soft hi-hat quarter note during breaks to come back in at the right time. :(


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I'm trying to play along with the recording and it's making me crazy. It starts with that guitar chord. I know it's really on the 4& but since it the first thing you hear and it repeats every 4 beats, my brain immediately locks on to it as if it were on the 1. If I could count the song in, I think I'd be fine. But since it's a recording, I can't. Just thought I'd share my frustration.