Intermediate Single Pedal Metal

PB the First

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Any good metal songs for an intermediate drummer with a single pedal to learn? (Couldn't afford doubles. :( ) Nothing too fast. I can do the heel-toe technique fairly well, if that helps.


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What do you like? 80s-90s, 2000s?

How about Godsmack and Alice in Chains.

There are also groove metal and industrial metal bands that aren't speedy on the kicks but heavy nontheless.


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Stoner Witch by Melvins

And a fair amount of Meshuggah can be played with one pedal if your fast on one foot. "When I Lost My Bet" by The Dillinger Esc Plan is another one, it's mainly hand work. Tricky song though. And any song by Eyehategod, pretty sure Joey Lacaze always used a single pedal.


The whole Screaming For Vengeance album by Judas Priest.