Inside a Nashville recording session w/Paul Leim


The Old Hyde

no booze, no chicks....whats become of the recording industry?? Great info and look inside of what really goes down. Thanks for the link.


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Excellent. Thanks for sharing. Paul Leim is just one of the baddest session cats around. To catch a glimpse of something like this is fantastic.

keep it simple

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I've seen that video before, & it's exactly the sort of down to earth video I like to watch. cogs in a machine, but with a big helping of fun. Great stuff :)


Platinum Member all you have to do is not play 220 BPM blast beats,get along with the other musicians and producer.Then play for the song and not your ego?

Steve B

Jeremy Bender

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It's an interesting dynamic: Paul is the employee getting paid to do a job while at the same time he's so good he's calling the shots on the job. Collaboration at it's best.
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