Influencing people close to you with music


"Uncle Larry"
I've been noticing that my love for music is contagious. I am not one of these guys that talks about drumming all the time either, except here. I mean I'll talk if asked, but no one asks.

I just do it. That's enough it seems to make people want to do it.

Looking back I was definitely a major influence, meaning I got them hooked on playing an instrument, to minimal 3 people. My first stepson, then my son, now my stepson from my 2nd marriage. So that's pretty cool.

My cousin got me hooked with his Ringo kit in the 60's. He still has it.

My latest stepson...I can't believe how drumming has literally changed his life for the better. He was the kind of kid that was easy to pick on if you get my drift. Now he is one of the stars of his school...solely through his drumming.

He has confidence through the roof and he gets a good bit of attention. He keeps good time and he doesn't show off, he just plays the song. He's 13. I can see his inner joy from the whole thing.

Let's hear your stories.


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I am the oldest of six. Between us there are 3 drummers. My youngest brother would sit in my room at age 2 and sing while I drummed. He would sneak into my room and play my drums if I wasn't. The kid could barely talk but was drum obsessed. This was like 25+ years ago. He plays multiple instruments now, at a very high level, and can pick up just about any instrument and have a basic understanding of it and play it in little to no time. He was piano obsessed for a little while and would sit in the living room at the piano, sidesaddle, watching TV, and play classical music pieces with only his left hand. He is a righty. The kid both amazes and pisses me off at the same time.

My sister who drums didn't like drums at first. They were too loud. I have no relationship with her because of divorce/age/a number of things actually. I found out later that she picked up the sticks.

My stepdaughter has no desire to play an instrument, but listens to everything. That's my fault. When I first met her, it was mostly Gaga and some other pop. Now it's everything from classical to the most insane metal. She is one of the most open listeners I have ever met. There are no musical disagreements in my home at all. The first time I ever played James Brown for her was just as amazing for me as it was her. I was completely blown away.


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I am not sure if this is also meant with the thread, but i have been told by some people that their music-taste has been significantly expanded, because of the countless listening recommendations i gave them..

The 'countless'-addition can maybe in some cases also be read as 'sometimes annoyingly much' btw..

Just speaking to myself, since a little self-reflection is never a bad

Jeremy Bender

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My son in college dabbles in synthesizer/midi/arranging stuff.
This may have stemmed from me listening to a lot of prog back when he was much younger.


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I've been noticing that my love for music is contagious.
You're fortunate. One of the great things about knowledge, interests, passions etc., is passing it on and sharing it with others.

I've yet to pass on or share my love for music with anyone except for music lovers and musicians, but that probably has more to do with their predisposition to being open to new music to begin than it does to my influence on them.

My father, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew all have little interest in music other than a handful of songs they listen to on occasion. Any chance of them listening to or liking new music is slim to none. And if they do embrace a new song, chances are it's a really popular song (I think the last new song any of them liked was Adele's Rolling in the Deep).

My mother, on the other hand, is a lot more open to music. She's always liked classical music, but I managed to get her into classic rock (she really likes CCR and Lynard Skynard) and even some hip-hop (2Pac, Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem).

I've always felt a bit sorry for those who don't find joy in music or any other art in general. I feel as if they're missing out on some of the most beautiful and profound parts of life.

New Tricks

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I have influenced a number of neighbors to move out.

Kids, grandkids.....nada. I exposed them to music but saw no interest so I didn't push.


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Mr Madge SNORES if I drag him to the opera.

He's so lucky that 30 years down the line, we're still married.

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My first wife and I lived with her boss for a couple months right after we got married, while we were buying a house. I was preparing for an orchestral audition at the time, and her boss’s son aged 7 would hang out in the room while I practiced and complain about how loud it was.

Now he’s 28 and has a degree in percussion performance. LOL


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I wasn’t drumming when I met my wife so after 14 years together it came as a bit of a shock when I got myself a kit and joined a band. 12 years later she still has very little interest in live music or my bands. Her taste in music is from the school of enjoying the song from the radio but having no interest in the rest of the album. “Perhaps” if I’d been an active drummer when we met our relationship wouldn’t have got off the ground as I would have put Saturday nights aside for gigging and she would have found someone else to go out with instead because she hated live music. Perhaps I would have ended up meeting someone more interested in live music? There’s a whole other thread right there!
My Son was exposed to my musical taste when younger as I drove him to and from school, sporting activities etc. He now “consumes” music that’s unlike anything I ever listened to.
I was influenced as a teenager by those around me, but having said that some of the musical choices Me and my friends made were reached independently of each other, I also listened to artists in other genres that they had no interest in.
Basically my level of influence to those around me has been close to zero


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I remember before kindergarten, I was home with my Mom and she found a radio station that featured March Around the Breakfst Table. A lot of sousa etc. My Dad played the saxophone so they definitely were an influence on me. My son played sax for a while in school and always has some music on.


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My latest stepson...I can't believe how drumming has literally changed his life for the better. . . . He's 13. I can see his inner joy from the whole thing.
Larry, if the Lord caused you to be born for no other reason than transforming your stepson's life like this, that's reason enough for being born. This story almost made me tear up. Not quite . . . but close. ;)