In need of some urgent help (ZORO-Sho-Nuff)


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So, I am auditioning for a college this week in which I have to send in a tape. For the tape I was going to play a long to a song called "Sho-nuff" which is off of Z-oro's R and B commandments. My drum teacher gave it to me a while back, so I dont have a hard copy of the original cd. It also just so happens that he is gigging on a cruiseline for the next couple of weeks, so I can't get it from him. (I shit you not!)

I've exhausted my efforts in trying to find this cd, asked around at the current county college im studying at now, asked any drummers I knew, none of them have the file. Im afraid if I order over the internet it will not come in on time, and I havent seen it in any local stores.

So I am wondering, if anybody would be able to do me a HUGE favor and send me the playalong track "Sho-nuff" (without drums) If you can email thats great, I have instant messenger which is the easiest way imo, but it doesnt really matter how as long as I get it. The cd has to be postmarked by February 10, and I need to be able to put the track into my recording program to play along to it.

The last couple of days I've just been practicing to youtube videos of other people's renditions of it, which is not preferable but of course itll do. However, Im going to need the track to send in to the school.

Luckily the rest of the tracks I have the hard copy of the disc for, but this one has vanished along with all my music on my harddrive (which is devastating). If anybody could help me out that would be an ENORMOUS favor. Thanks