In my 40's and got the drunming bug again

Thanks for all the replies ! I'm excited to enter a new chapter in my life ;). Now just have to choose which e-drum kit... Ummmm so many options ;). Acoustic is not an option right now so I'm looking for something to play cover to, MIDI, and hook up to an amp once in awhile. Looks like most of the intermediate and entry level kits do this.

Alright... Now off the practice my paradiddles ;)
Try to get an e-kit with decent cymbals. I bought an entry level kit, works for now, but the cymbals leave a lot to be desired. BYW, I started at 60. Never too old to learn something new!


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Welcome to the party Drummerdoc. I am 50 and have started drumming again after a 35 year layoff. I eat, drink and dream about playing, it's what gives me unlimited happiness.

This site has been a blessing. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is log onto this site. Enjoy your return to music. It is as others have remarked a highly addictive drug.