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What are your Top 10 Favourite Beatles Drumming by Ringo?

My Top 10 in no order with quotes from various musicians including Ringo:

"The fill is the art of the drummer, that happens in the moment. That’s always been the way with me. I can’t think about it. I don’t play drum parts. I have no idea how it’s gonna turn out. I don’t say, “Oh, 16 bars in I’ll do that.” I have no idea at all what I’m going to do, it just happens." -Ringo Starr
Strawberry Fields Forever:

"There were quite a few drummers around Liverpool and I used to go home and tell Paul about Ringo. I often saw him play with Rory Storm. ...With Rory he was a very inventive drummer. He goes around the drums like crazy. He doesn't just hit them -- he invents sounds." -Mike McCartney
She Said She Said:

"I consider him one of the greatest innovators of rock drumming and believe that he has been one of the greatest influences on rock drumming today... Ringo has influenced drummers more than they will ever realize or admit. Ringo laid down the fundamental rock beat that drummers are playing today and they probably don't even realize it." -Kenny Arnoff

"Starr is vastly underrated. The drum fills on the song "A Day in the Life" are very complex things. You could take a great drummer today and say, 'I want it like that.' He wouldn't know what to do." -Phil Collins
A Day in the Life:

"Ringo comes from a different kind of school, and I find that totally exciting and challenging. How he does what he does…it's so different from what other drummers do. If somebody approaches music or their instrument in a way that's unique, I want to be around that person. To me, there's something to learn there. It was great being around him; he's so inspiring." -Steve Gadd

"Ringo's tom fills really make the song, but funnily enough, he hated doing them because he could never remember what he was did one take to the next. I think that's why his fills are so spectacular - he felt that he would never reproduce them, so he'd better get 'em right." -Geoff Emerick
Here Comes The Sun:

"Ringo is one of the greatest rock drummers. There were times when he’d get in the middle of a drum fill and not know how to get out, and that’s what made it great." -Ken Scott
I Me Mine:

"I don't ever want to step on Ringo; he's my favourite drummer. To me, he's the greatest drummer in the world, and the reason I play the instrument is because of him." -Gregg Bissonette
Yer Blues:

"Ringo Starr’s drumming is infallible, untouchable, and he is quite simply the greatest drummer in the history of rock n roll music." -Steve Gorman
Tomorrow Never Knows:

"Ringo doesn't dazzle with flashy technique and pyrotechnics. What he does is so much more elusive and difficult: He plays songs on the drums. Anybody who has sat down behind a drum kit in the last 45 years owes him." -Elliot Easton
She Loves You:
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Top 10? I'm gonna forget some I'm sure.

9.I Wanna Be Your Man
8.I Am The Walrus
7.Yer Blues
6.The End
5.Hey, Bulldog
4.Get Back
3.Money (That's What I Want)
2.Come Together (I know that's unoriginal)
1.Maxwell's Silver Hammer