I'm taking the plunge! Drum lessons


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Hey all! Alright so short and sweet! I've been playing drums for 8 years. Within that time I've done studio work, gigs, and festivals. All fine and dandy right? Reading this wonderful forum, Ive learned that its never too late to take lessons. So thats what I'm going to do!

This decision has made me feel excited and giddy yet anxious. Theres no limit as to how good one can get, and you constantly learn all your life. The time has come for me to now get off my plateau and climb higher.

Since I've never taken a lesson, I have two options in my head.

1) Start like a beginner! Learn everything from scratch again. Meaning I can finally have someone teach me how to read music! Never had before, I've tried on my own but too hard for me honestly =(

2) Hire a tutor to teach me more of how I would like to play. Sort of like advance techniques and ideas.

Any tips on what to look for in a drum teacher? If it helps I'm thinking maybe 2-3 times a month for lessons. I work full time during the week.


a proper instructor will evaluate your skill in all areas and proceed accordingly

have you found a teacher?

if not I could recommend a few in the NY area


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If you have a good teacher, it's going to be better than you even imagined. You'll fix problems you never knew existed and it will open new doors you never even knew where there.

I did the same thing, "figured it out" on my own, played long enough that I was getting gigs and bands to play with, then saw my first teacher at that point. It basically started with a very fast review of the foundation basics. Corrected issues with grip and stroke that I didn't know I had... Moved on to some rudiment stuff that I hadn't ever really explored, then started addressing the stuff I was interested in but didn't know how to approach.

At a certain point, the lessons became a bit more philosophical... We'd talk drumming and band-work in general, talk about things like attitude and a lot of the same stuff we all talk about here on the forum (another huge reason I love it here).

Another thing to note is that after a few months of weekly lessons, I started noticing that the things I was working on would take more than just a week to fully absorb and get a feel for, and the next lesson was sometimes just overview of the previous stuff since I hadn't fully grasped everything about the concept yet. At that point I started doing every other week, and it started to be a lot smoother at my level.

I am currently between teachers now, looking to find my 4th instructor to learn from for a while, but I will never stop being a student, and never stop learning about the instrument and music.

I also really want to go take some piano or melodic instrument lessons. I think it might help with a lot of things.

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Single stroke rolls and single paradiddles.

Good for you Joe. I don't care how old that dog gets, they can still learn a new trick. I was thinking of the period of downtime that I'm going to find myself in soon. Both of my bands are going to be having babies so I'm going to be bored. I think this will be the perfect break to go back for some lessons and learn myself some new tricks.

Amodo, I'm shooting you a PM about teachers.