I'm buying a present for a drummer!


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Okay, I've been searching around the web for some sort of drumpad.
I'm looking to buy a drum pad which could play a backing track, but also split the track on another channel so it can continuously play a click track for my friend?

Any ideas? I've been looking at something called a PercPad, but I don't think that will do the trick. - Will it?

If anyone here could help, that would be great!


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Hi JuiceJamie.
What a question! A book might be the best bet. Is he a drum set player? A book on the history of the drum set might be nice. There are many now.
A hand drum of some kind might work if he/she has an interest in rounding out their education a bit. (Not a frame drum.) A djembe or dumbek.
Maybe an instructional or concert video. There are many mediocre instructional DVDs out there now so that's like rolling dice.
Maybe a subscription to a drumming magazine? Personalized drum sticks?
Hope this helps.

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The closest thing I can think of to what you suggest is this:


But it is expensive and certainly won't allow a click on one side of a stereo channel and a recorded song on the other. Unless the click and the song are recorded together and then mixed with click to one side and everything else to the other then I don't think you can achieve what you want. But I'm happy to be proved wrong.

The Roland device will allow you to connect up an MP3 player (or other sound source) and has a built in metronome and other tricks. But to be honest just an ordinary practice pad with no bells and whistles is going to be nearly as useful - you are paying a LOT of cash for very little benefit.
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Subscription to a drum magazine is a great present..it keeps giving every month.. may I suggest modern drummer


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maybe you've conceived of a new product with what you're thinking of. but the thing is, if he's listening to the music, that in itself provides a steady tempo for him and needs no click. the click would be needed when he's playing live with other musicians: for when he's responsible for keeping time- then the click would keep him on track. how about getting him a pad and a pro metronome? ask at the drum counter or ask them for other suggestions...