I'll never complain about stage space again!


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Its the rare youtube video I'll sit through

I'm just so tired of everybody thinking they have something to say, when video after video just sucks.

This is one I sat through.


Thanks for the post. fun stuff.

The Melodica is probably the most underrated instrument in the world.


PS: have you seen this commercial? Saw it the day before I left for Japan a couple of weeks ago. Remarkable!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXQq4CDMLsU (this site really needs to install the vBulletin YouTube tags. C'mon guys.... I can show you how to do it. Its 2 minutes)


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Well there there you have it, proof you don't need a monster kit for a masterful performance. He he, great vid!


That was the coolest thing I've seen in weeks. Monster musicianship and creativity. You have to watch the whole vid!


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I thought the acoustics needed some help, didn't really feel the arena thing that this song requires, almost though, probably should have used AMEX points and got the upgrade. I would like to hear them do We are the Champion's in a Fiat.

And that S$#%$*# was funny.

And the out the window sax was hysterical.