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Hi guys,

well I have some questions about IEM. I´m a drummer and I just got some Shure SE215 and a Tama Rythm watch.
What I want is to have in my in ears a monitor mix from the mixer and the click. Our mixer is a Yamaha MG16XU.

My idea is to get something like a LD systems HPA-1 or a Presonus HP2. Both come with 2 XLR female inputs and a stereo/mono switch.
The question is can I plug a jack to XLR cable from one of the aux sends of the mixer to one XLR input of the headphone amplifier and another jack to XLR cable from the line out of the rythm watch to the other XLR input in the headphone amplifier? Will this work? And will I have the click in one ear and the mix in the other or in both? I would like to have the mix and the click on both ears, or at least the mix.
Also the LD HPA-1 headphone amplifier has an aux in, would it be better to plug the rythm watch there instead of the XLR input?



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I use this type of setup as well.
I'm not familiar with the headphone amp you're using, but this is how mine is set up:

I run a Rhythm Watch for the click into a 5 channel Yamaha mixer. (2 XLR inputs, 3 1/4")

I use a 1/4" patch cable normally made for linking guitar pedals to connect the Rhythm Watch to the mixer. Because the Rhythm Watch only as a 1/8" out, you will need a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter.

I take either an XLR or 1/4" out from the monitor board into the 2nd channel on my mixer. That's the feed of the live band.

The Yamaha mixer has the ability to pan each channel, so If I want the click on one side and the band on the other I can do that, but I run it all straight up the middle and have control of the volume of each.

If I'm running backing tracks, electronic pads, or both I have 3 other open channels on the Yamaha mixer, or I bring out a larger 10 channel version of the same mixer that gives me 4 XLR inputs.

Hope this helps.