Identify This 1995 Premier Kit


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I believe (90% certainty) that those are XPK series.

Check to see if the interior of the shells are painted (black) -XPK's had painted interiors. APK and XPK had the same shell configuration -which I can't remember the core but the outer ply is birch and I *think* the inner ply was birch too.

I think the 1 piece lugs on XPK went away somewhere in 95-97 so these would be later 80s - early 90s.

They're good drums. I preferred pinstripes on these back then.


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Agreed this is an XPK. 1995 still had the long lugs. In 1997 individual small lugs were introduced. 1997 had clear sealed interiors, not sure if '95 was clear or black inside.

The finish is Topaz lacquer. Birch/Eucalyptus/Birch shells.

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I helped sell an identical Premier kit for a friend back in 2014.

Same shell configuration (but bass drum was 22") with hardware and soft cases.
Topaz lacquer finish. Hardware included hi-hat stand, cymbal stands, kick pedal,
tom mounts, floor tom legs, snare stand.

Near mint condition.

Kit sold for $700.


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[FONT="Times New Roman" [SIZE="4"]The XPK's and the APK's were part of the same line. The APK's were part of the XPK line, and were wrapped, whereas the XPK's were lacquered. There tends to be a bit of confusion about the XPK's that are finished with a black lacquer in and out. This is the Black Shadow finish, it is not however a Black Shadow kit. They are two different animals. The Black Shadow kits were Resonator kits and were much heavier and the top of Premiers line when they were made. They were double shelled kits, lacquered black in and out, that when viewed close up actually appears to be a slight tint of purple in certain lights. That is the Black Shadow Resonator kit. XPK's in Black Shadow finish, were birch / mahogany (Philippine) / birch shells, or, birch / eucalyptus / birch shells that were lacquered in and out. The XPK in Black Shadow finish and the Black Shadow Resonators again, were pretty much indistinguishable until you got a closer look. Any of that line that were lacquered as someone stated above, is in the XPK line. I have a seven piece XPK in Black Shadow finish..............and to be honest, I didn't know any of this until about four months ago, when I had a long discussion on the Premier Drum Users page on FACEBOOK about my kit that I just bought about, oh, four months ago. There is a huge wealth of knowledge dealing specifically Premier Drums there.
And by the way, please forgive me if I'm a bit awkward in my posts. I'm just getting a feel for being part of a forum. Never done this before.


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Are you sure about the 24" bass drum, never seen an APK / Xpk with a 24.
Your in picture is a Topaze finish which is gorgeous : I have one more modern XPK kit in this finish and it's beautiful.
There were 2 kits configuration for this long lug generation : 22x16 12x11 13x12 16x16 metal snare, and a fusion : 20x16 10x10 12x10 14x12 metal snare.


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That's a 22", not a 24".

Two reasons, firstly you couldn't get APK/XPK drums like that in a 24" and secondly it looks like a 22, given the relationship between it and the 12 and 13" toms and the placement of the BD spurs on an 8 lug shell.

It's a 22" for sure.


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Funny how these drums seemed so much nicer than Yamaha's Recording's. Better designed lug IMO, and MUCH NICER FINISHES BY FAR.. I know the shells on this particular series might not be as sweet sounding as an all birch or maple, but they sure kicked asss in the aesthetics department !

and they were making this lower line in freaking England ?? WTF ??