ID this really weird snare drum????


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The owner of my drum studio has this snare drum sitting in a box, tucked away in a closet. It has 24 lugs total, and a parallel snare system similar to, but not exactly like my Premier 2000. It's a 14x6 1/2 I think. I didn't measure. Not sure what it's made of. Doesn't look like wood or metal. More like a resin of some sort. Badge says IMPACT. Got any ideas on this instrument? I'm thinking I want to buy it.



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That's undoubtedly one of Joe Morris' old snares (he was also an Impact endorser.) Fiberglass indeed, wrapped around a mandrel, nice and thin (toms and kicks were very resonant) but the snare was double thick (yet still very thin!) to make the shell more rigid under marching tension. I have 4 or 5 of my old Impact snares and they still sound great.

The throw-off was a Tama knockoff, and the hoops were 12-hole because Impact originally made marching drums and had 12-hole 14" hoops on hand, so they didn't see the need to also keep 10-hole hoops on hand. Sure they could have saved on parts and labor on each drum, but no matter, the snares were great and held their tuning. During my 21 years with them, it never occurred to me to suggest a change.

Anyway, as of about 9 years ago, they are no longer making drums.

I can vouch for the sound without even hearing it, all of their drums were great.



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Yup,it's fiberglass using an OEM Tama Kingbeat throwoff (which sucked by the way).
It was one of those over engineered gadgets that was way too finicky for the working drummer.

I love fiberglass snares ,but this one wasn't a keeper.