I was wondering were I could find music for my ipod WITHOUT drums in it


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A lot of drum books come with these, most notably Groove Essentials 1 and 2.

If you have rockband/guitarhero(4+) you can make your own by connecting the audio out from your xbox/ps3/whatever to your PC, playing a song in drum practice mode, and recording it.


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Check out you local music store.

Was in mine just the other day.

There was a big rack of books/play-along CDs, ranging from Weckl and Lang to "Play along with The Police" and "Play along with Rush" kind of drumless packages.

Worth a look...

Grace :)

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I have tommy igoe's groove essentials and pat petrillo's hands, grooves and fills. Both come with a truck load of drumless tracks in a range of styles (pat's seems to be more rock/pop based, where tommy's has some world grooves too)

both are relatively inexpensive and i probably have about 200 drumless tracks just from the discs included with those two books