I played my best gig ever.


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Last Thursday, I played my best gig ever. The 17 piece Glenn Miller style big band I play with was the entertainment for a banquet of retirees and we were great. It was there kind of music. Everything clicked. My drumming was the beat I've ever played. The band rotates players in and out and is usually only as good as whomever shows up. Although we didn't have our top personnel, everything clicked. We were in the groove. The audience appreciated us and showed us at every opportunity. The better we played, the better they liked us. The better they liked us, the better we played. It was awesome. Something to be said about appreciation.


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Onya Zickos. Must be heaps of fun playing Glenn Miller tunes.

It was their kind of music. Everything clicked.
That's the big thing. In my experience, the reception a band receives is more dependent on how into the style the audience is than the level of performance. It also helps you relax and get closer to the top of your game.


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Sounds awesome,

There is nothing better for a musician than to feel like their music is valued and has an impact.

Most everyone plays for the love it, it's nice when that love is mutual.


it's kind of strange to see a thread called "best gig ever" and a thread called "worst gig ever" posted in the same day haha congrats man!