I need your help! New rudiments


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So after spending many long months practising Alan Dawson's 'Rudimental Ritual' I started composing my own rudiments inspired by the genius of the book. Having spoken to many great drummers (who were also creating rudiments of their own) and having realised there wasn't a comprehensive list out there I have decided to start my own: 'The New Rudimental Handbook'.

With slightly more then a nod in the great Dawson's direction this will be a comprehensive collection of the rudiments that weren't in Dawson's original list

If anyone out there has ideas for this list please share! I'd love this to be a collective effort that results in a free and comprehensive list.

How it Works

Im going to divide the Handbook into 4 sections:

1. Progressive Rudiments (rudiments from the modern era)

2. British Rudiments (spawning from the tradition of great Swiss and American military rudiments is this collection of contributions by the British contingent)

3. Hybrid Rudiments (amalgamations of 2 or more classic rudiments)

4. Killer Rudiments (using Dawson's 'Chopsbuilders' as inspiration, 'Killer Rudiments' are phrases aimed at pushing a drummer to his/her technical limits)

The first instalment is available on my blog here and includes 5 Hybrids:
Dragadiddle / Mamadada
Paradiddlediddle / Double Paradiddle
Flam Accent No.1,2 & 3
Single Windmill / Flam Paradiddle
Six Stroke Roll / Flamadiddlediddle

I have another 20 or so ready to publish but would love your help to make this a truly collective effort. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your ideas


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Not to rain on your parade but there are plenty of places to find all of the rudiments. The PAS 40 rudiments and a few of the hybrid rudiments commonly used in advanced marching bands and drum corps cover almost all sticking combinations possible. Anything else is just some permutation of the others. Even some of the hybrids are just rudiments that already exist that someone just gave a name to signify an interpretation. For example a cheese is really a flam tap.

The examples that you give are just two rudiments paired together not a new sticking. This is simply how rudimental drum solos and scores are composed. The example you give for the different flam accents are just moving the flam through the grid which is a very common way of practicing the rudiments.

There is tons a rudimental material available on the web that will help you find new ways to combine the rudiments if that is what you are looking for.


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As I said in my post, Hybrid Rudiments are just one category of 4 in the list. Despite that Im not claiming that no-one will have ever played these rudiments before, just that they weren't in Dawon's Ritual so could benefit from being collated somewhere new.


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Yeah, rudiments and all their permutations aren't that difficult to find. The drum corps gurus have been at this for quite some time. Between them and all the really smart people teaching these days these aren't hard to come across. You may want to concentrate your time on something else. Just saying.....