I just turned some old speakers into tom drum microphones.

Recording drums with only 4 microphones can be a bit of a pain, especially if you're after a nice tight confined sound. I've been stuck with a bass, snare and 2 overheads for years and have never been able to pick out the tom drums cleanly - to the point where I've been reduced to mic'ing the toms with the condensers and sacrificing my cymbals to the bleed.

I remembered back to my old physics lessons that microphones and speakers are practically the same physically and that either can be used as the other.

So I took out some 6 inch speakers from my old Yamaha hi-fi, plugged them into my mixing interface and... wow. Perfect bass clarity, and a nice amount of top end to boot as well.

I mounted them onto my tom drums and they give a nice clean sound to my toms and reject a lot of spill as well. Awesome! Only problem is that they seem to pick up on the bass drum a little too well, but that can be EQ'd out.

Yay ^_^

king fail

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Woah man. Congrats!

I can't believe I just misread that thread title as "I just turned some old sneakers into tom drum microphones."