I just jammed for 2 1/2 Hours straight


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My record for personnal jam time is right around your time.
But I have jammed for several more hours with my band-mates.

So fun you don't even realize the time passing by......


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My current band does the 3 hour marathon set 3 nights a week. It starts off mellow then by the end it's the hard stuff. Makes me feel awesome loading out! ha ha Just have to remember to go the the restroom before the show!

Monica McCoy

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I jammed for 2 hours with a guitarist last night. My ears were ringing but I wasn't tired. I could play all day without a problem. I'm lazy by nature so I'm expending the least amount of energy at all times.


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One my former bands had several 12 hour practice sessions. now we weren't playing music the entire time obviously, with bathroom breaks, eating and goofing off we practiced closer to 9.5-10 hours. good times though.

practicing on my own however, according to my parents when i first started playing (I don't actually remember because I was a toddler) I would play for up to 6 hours at a time. just kinda playing by my self, or along with cd's (being so young I couldn't really comprehend rudiments).

As for sessions I can actually recall, the longest straight I've played is some where around the 4 hour mark. I started by doing half an hour or doubles on my hands, then my feet, and then singles on my feet. Then I just started working on the book New Breed for a solid 2 hours and finished off by jamming some songs that my band was doing (originals).



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I need to get more music to play to haha. What are some tips so I can play longer?
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I went through a 3-4 Week phase once, where I practised for 18 hours daily. I almost didn't sleep, didn't drink enough and didn't eat proper food. My life was drumming and coffeine. After that I had lost a few pounds, could barely focus on anything felt incredibly tired, lonely, burnt out and depressive. I was so fatigued that it was almost impossible to get into a normal conversation with me at that time.

I'm glad I was then surrounded by the right people who got me back on track and gave me a different perspective on drumming and live. Gosh.... this is almost 10 years ago now.

When I really want to hit the practise room now, I do 8 hours (occasionally when I have the time which almost never happens) but I make sure to get enough breaks, drink a lot and eat healthy food with enough vitamins to get me through it without loosing too much focus. Also, I try to break it into two sessions with a longer break in between where I go running/swimming to free my mind.


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5 Hours in a pub disco with an audience averaging 2 to 3, (it was a jam basicaly that was open to waifs and strays)

But a'll tell ee what Laddie there was nay aching in my day.(back in 2006)

But a wis maybe hungry, i cannot remember.


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althought tho be fair if i was trying somethign like the who i think i would suffer from cardiac arrest


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my band practices are like 6 hours long 2 hours is nothing i can easily do that learning multiple songs at a time i do that 3 hours or so. seriously get in shape :p


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Only 2 hours and you are that sore? You need to get in shape buddy, or change your technique. There is no reason to get that tired after only 2 hours. You are hungry because you are using a lot of energy when playing. Take something to snack on, and make sure to drink some water, and do some endurance exercises next time you are jamming. My band practice is always for 2 hours, but I feel totally fine after and could easily do 2 more.


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My max is roughly 4-5 hours spread over a 6 hour long jam session. I couldn't move my arms anymore and the same was true for my legs. But boy was I happy!


Once a week, nearly, we will reharse for 4 hours, each time without a break.

Bloody guitersets, all they have to do is fidel their fingers and practice their stage pose (Tossers), while i sit behind a kit giving it my all. One can of beer, one can of Red Ball and lots of water later, i pack up.

Yes, when i get home i am blinkin hungry.

Summer time is worst for me thou. played in a room with no air conditioning, drunk a 2 litre bottle of water that night.


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I do a lot of multiple hour jams but never really keep track of the time. But it's funny you should mention being really hungry because everytime I finish practicing I'm so damn hungry.


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Two things...
1) My legs can barely move
2) I'm incredibly hungry

What are your guys's record for playing?