I just finished my first Drum Book.


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Its called 'Understanding Rhythm A Guide To Reading Music' by Michael Lauren (Manhatten Jazz, Drummers Collective Series)


it took me 4 months under the guidance of a rigorous teacher to go all the way through it. There is some HARD reading in it--it is imperative to play it very slow, with a metronome, and count out loud. (It has a counting guide for some of the phrases in each exercise at the back of the book)

I would highly recommend this book, but I think a teacher is needed to really help with the book because it is fairly rigorous. Still it as worth it, not only can I now read rhythms well (I read for piano and guitar before, but not well) but it helped vastly with my timing. Anyone every use it? If not check it out.


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Yes, he is a great teacher. He is very rigorous and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is an orchestral drummer and a house drummer at a major recording studio.


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I'm working now in this book as well as in the Book of Silence from Michael too. Michael Lauren is my teacher and I can say that his books are awesome. He's a master. Keep the great work. I would suggest the Book of Silence (great to develop technique and internal clock) or Welcome to Odd Times.

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It's a great book and the independence stuff is harder than it looks.

That list in the back covers a lot of essential coordination and they represent pretty much most of the ideas I introduce to various young students when working on basic reading.