I gotta Gretsch i wanna try to sell...


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I always go to ebay and search all models that look to be in the same shape. I then put it on Craigslist or other at just a few dollars less than Ebay and use that as a selling point. I have also in one case had the Ebay site up to show people when they come to look at my offer. They then know you at least were honest. If money is a big deal then start high and let them talk you down. But don't try to get rich. Too many people out there tht know there stuff and have done their homework.

p.s. The first two listed on Ebay right now are 159.00 and 359.00

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You could try searching eBay for your drum and then look at the completed listings to see what they actually sold for there. That's always a good barometer of what a drum is worth in the public market.


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...its a 6.5 x 14 4166 model with die cast hoops and lightning throwoff, its missing the original internal muffler assembly, the shell is spun brass with a chrome finish, not really sure of what to ask for this one, I'm open for ideas....
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