I got a paid gig! / Bo Diddley beat

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So, first off . . . Go Me! I got a paid gig, drumming for the singer in our band, who also is a well established guitarist/singer on the local bar scene. We had a jam at mine the other week and clicked and he's asked me to drum for him on the 28th. So, I feel like patting myself on the back seeing as I've been drumming (properly) for less than 2 years and it's only my second gig.

But I also need to learn the Bo Diddley beat in the next 10 days. I presume this is the one to go for:

|| R – L – R – L – R – L – R – L – | R – L – R – L – R – L – R – L – ||

as outlined here http://doodrum.com/chops-of-gods/bo-diddley-beat-introduction/

Or is there another way? I'm guessing the above is as easy/proper as it comes.

Anthony Amodeo

the Bo Diddley beat is just 3-2 Son clave rhythm played anywhere you like
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Yep, what you got there is the Bo Diddley beat, not very hard to do. Good luck and have fun :)